Getting closer!

We are so excited to be so close to sharing our vison with everyone! The building is coming along nicely with the floors being finished this week and our interior walls being constructed next week. 

This has been exactly what we said it would be in the beginning. A marathon and not a sprint! Between zoning issues, closing issues, contractor issues and material availability we managed to get to the point that we can say we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

The one thing that we had control over was the refinishing and hanging of the majestic wooden barn doors that were part of the original building. We probably have more man and woman hours tied up in these doors that everything else combined. but as you can see it was worth every minute! Our Doors

These doors had a sheet metal covering on them that hid their beauty. Once we removed the metal their potential was obvious. 

Once we have the interior partition walls completed, we will start the process of moving in our displays and merchandise. This is where all of the hard work pays off as we prepare the business to present to our friends and family in a soft opening sometime in late February. Once all of the kinks are worked out and we are satisfied that we have everything ready we will announce our Grand Opening and invite the entire community to come out and celebrate along with us. 


We cannot wait to present to all of you River Road Mercantile!